Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Trying to Shop With ADD

The Scientist needed new riding boots; she has a lesson tomorrow morning and can't ride without boots. So the girls and I jumped into the car to head about 45 minutes south where the tack store is. Fortunately, we hadn't gotten as far as the next exit on the freeway when I looked down at the Scientist's feet and realized she needed to be wearing socks to try on boots. We got off at the next exit, and stopped at McDonald's to grab a quick lunch, since the Scientist won a $15 MickeyD's gift card at a party. The girls went in themselves; Wildchild didn't think to order her hamburger plain and the Scientist accidentally bought unneeded extra fries.

So home we go. The Scientist found socks, even though one had a hole, and we headed out again. Alas, the girls were talking and bickering in the car and I just switched into auto-pilot mode and went right past the exit we were supposed to get off at. Oops. So, turn around and head back, and *finally* we made it to the tack store. Which went well, except we had no real ideas about the kind of boot to get for the Scientist. We ended up with low boots, since the Scientist rides in jeans, not breeches, and lace-up boots, since a zipper broke on the Scientist's last pair. At least the ride home was uneventful, except for more talking and bickering by the girls. They're gone now, checking on neighbors' pets that they're pet-sitting, so I have quiet at last!

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Sniz said...

I absolutely hate it when I have to go back home for a forgotten item! I'm glad you got the boots, though.

I hope you and your wonderful family had a GREAT Fourth!!!!

God bless you friend. Sniz