Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Bit of This, A Bit of That

Does anyone else listen to WTAM 1100 in the early morning? Apparently a Cuyahoga County school teacher was on with Bill Wills this morning and made an idiot of herself, whining about how little she got paid and talking politics when it was not supposed to be the topic. Guess who she's voting for. I'm glad I homeschool, yet again. I half-slept through her time on air and only started waking up when callers started calling in complaining how stupid she came off.

During the torrential downpour tonight, there was a young male employee at the Outback restaurant we had dinner at, escorting patrons to their cars under an umbrella. Wasn't that nice?

I sewed up a shirt today for the Scientist out of the camo fabric I bought, and started on a pair of shorts for Wildchild. I'm getting back into sewing, but also getting back into my familiar feeling of being overwhelmed with all the projects I need/want to do. Just have to take it my usual two-three projects at a time, lol.

Speaking of which, I also have two knitting projects going, a garter ridge scarf and a dishcloth. Is that typical for knitters, or just knitters with ADD? :) And do you have a yarn stash? If you do, how do you keep track of which yarn is what? I'm seeing the same patterns appear in my knitting career as are already apparent in my sewing. Not surprising, I suppose.


debbie said...

don't listen to WTAM....sorry.
I LOVE the Outback! We normally go once a year. Too bad it is for Easter and we have to wait a really long time to go again...sigh. I hate hearing their commercials. Makes me want to go!
I like making lists of things i need to do. when you get something finished, just cross if off. Of course you need to actually make the list...which i have not gotten around to yet....
I don't have any yarn...too tempting and i cant afford a new hobby. lol

Marie N. said...

I am an atypical knitter with only having one, two, or three simultaneous projects. When you learn about organizing a stash clue me in! My first inclination would be to go to Ravelry dot com. I have not ventured into that area on Ravelry, however, since my yarn stash is teeny tiny.

jau said...

EVERY knitter I know has stashes - one friend has twenty plastic bins, believe it or not. Not to mention endless patterns in books and just printed off. I don't know any who are organized about it, either, unless they own a shop. I give lots of yarn away every so often. Probably should sell it on ebay but that seems like so much effort!!!

I'm glad you're starting into it, though! It's a wonderful occupation.

Liz said...

Happy July 4th, Barb