Monday, June 09, 2008

Catching Up... Again

Mr. Evil Genius and I have been busy packing up boxes and printing out shipping labels and making runs to the post office. Which fortunately is very close to our house. It's a good thing I accepted international bidders, as many of my eBay bidders are from other countries: Italy, Sweden, England, Norway and as far away as New South Wales, Australia. My items mailed "in country" also seemed to be going about as far away from Ohio as possible: Texas, Florida and California.

Mr. Evil Genius and I are also preparing for a little trip together to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. We leave on Wednesday and will be back late on Friday, and the girls will be staying with my sister-in-law and her husband. I'm trying to get some more clothes sewn up for the girls and I. I've finally managed to get back seriously into my sewing room, after my bad time in the winter. Right now, I'm working on a swim suit for Wildchild. I hate sewing swim suits, as I have a hard time sewing the elastic so the tension is even all the way around, and my machine has difficulty at times getting over the seam bumps and the elastic bumps where the elastic was sewed together. I want to take a picture or two of my latest creations, but the camera lens needs cleaned, and we can't find any "proper" cleaning cloths here at home that won't scratch the lens. Oh, the little things that get in our way sometimes.

I'm hoping the camera will be ready by the time Mr. Evil Genius and I leave; we're going to Amish country, by the way. Ohio has a large population of Amish, and I love the countryside and the shopping. I'm very much looking forward to the trip.


Marie N. said...

Happy anniversary and have a wonderful get-away!

Sewing your own swim suits -- very brave. I'm chicken for all the reasons you mentioned.

Gino said...

Ahem, THE largest Amish community in the world.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've been busy. Enjoy that anniversary trip! :)

A couple elastic tips~
I've stopped overlapping the ends when I sew elastic into a circle. Just butt them together and use a 3 step zigzag or other connectin stitch (my machine has one that looks like this .../'''/.../''').
And on the elastic tension, for the legholes I actually apply it at a 1:1 ratio on the front and then stretch the rest to fit the back. I know, easier said than done; I was (ahem) blessed to alter a bajillion dance costumes so now I can do this in my sleep. I still quarter-mark & pin the neck & arm holes though.

Susan B. said...

Hi Barb,

Happy anniversary and have a fantastic trip! :-)

kate5kiwis said...

ooo barb, what a cool adventure.
here's to a fabulous 'nother honeymoon X

Lutheran Lucciola said...

Get some Amish bread starter!
Of course you will be baking the rest of your life, as I am, but it's fun!

Liz said...