Sunday, June 22, 2008

In My Own Backyard

Today, I checked out a lovely (and large) quilting and yarn store, and a little yarn store, right across a parking lot from each other and practically right in my own backyard. Never knew they were there before! I've only taken up knitting this year, though, and although I've been sewing for years, I've only done a very little bit of quilting. I've developed an interest in doing more quilting recently. I have the fabric and pillow form I need to make a log cabin pillow, and I have fabric to start on quilts for my daughters' beds. I think for the daughters' quilts I will just make simple, large squares, so the prints on the fabric don't get lost in little pieces. I keep wanting to take pictures of the fabric. If someone tells me they want to see it, it might motivate me. :)

In addition to the sewing I *want* to do, the girls and I really need some summer clothes, and I do most of our clothes sewing around here, too. It may not be cheaper than Wal-Mart or Target, but I think the clothes wear longer, and it's not that much more than the stuff at Target, if you get good deals on fabric. Plus, I reuse a lot of my patterns. Of course, I have managed to collect a large number of patterns. :)


Marie N. said...

With doing your own sewing you not only get longer wear than Target and Wal Mart clothing, but a tailored fit. Can't beat that!

Marie N. said...

I didn't get to see you on Sunday to tell you your skirt looked nice!

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Thank you, Marie!