Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This Blog Meme Brought to You by the Number Five

Having been tagged by jau, I now proceed to answer. :)

The rules:
1. Post the rules at the beginning.
2. Answer the questions only about yourself.
3. At the end of the post, tag five people and post their names, then go to their blogs and leave them a comment so they know they’ve been tagged. Ask them to read the sender's blog.
4. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answer.

What Were You Doing Five Years Ago?
In June 2003, we were still recovering as a family from my husband being out of work for eight months in 2002. Or at least, out of a job in computers, which paid much better than waiting tables. I don't remember much of anything else. We hadn't started homeschooling our daughters, although Wildchild was only four, anyway. Not much about me, but I wasn't doing much besides housekeeping and maybe sewing at this time.

What Are Five Things on Your To-Do List for Today?
1. Dishes, dishes, dishes
2. Embroidering a dish towel I've been working on (and putting off) forever, for Lutheran Hen for the blog contest I had up here ages ago.
3. Laundry, laundry, laundry
4. Walking. I've gotten out of the habit of exercising since it got so hot; I have to get back to it. I'd love to lose some weight, but it probably won't come off without exercise.
5. Knitting: starting on a dish cloth pattern.

What Are Five Snacks You Enjoy?
1. Ice cream, especially uber-chocolatey flavors (see number four above)
2. Potato chips (ditto)
3. Red Delicious apples
4. Cereal
5. Bread and butter

What Are Five Things You Would Do If You Were a Billionaire?
1. Buy a nice house in the country, but not too far out.
2. Buy the Scientist a horse. Maybe build a stable on our land.
3. Buy a summer place on Lake Erie, preferably on the long strip of land by Cedar Point.
4. Go to Germany, to visit family and friends. Plus it would be a great way for the girls to pick up German.
5. Go to Italy. Check out the major cities and the little valley where my husband's people come from. I bet the Scientist could probably read Italian some after a couple of years of Latin, and I noticed the same thing after seven years of Spanish.

What Are Five of Your Bad Habits?
1. Losing things, especially in the sewing room. By that, I mean not putting things where they belong and then having to look for them when they get buried by other stuff.
2. Procrastination. Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow.
3. Not eating properly.
4. Thinking poorly about myself. Putting myself down.
5. Not establishing boundaries, mainly with family.

What Are Five Places Where You Have Lived?
1. Bay Village, Ohio
2. Willoughby, Ohio
3. Dublin, Ohio
4. Grove City, Ohio
5. Sheffield Village, Ohio
Yes, I've lived all my life in Ohio. It has its pros and cons, like anything else.

What Are Five Jobs You've Had?
1. Secretarial assistant in The President's and Dean's Office for almost four years when I was in college.
2. At a clothing store when I was home from college.
3. As a Department Manager at a department store.
4. Computer programmer for the Department of Defense. Used a dinosaur language, COBOL.
5. Homeschool teacher.

Since a lot of bloggers I know don't like memes, and since something similar is already making the rounds among other blogs I read, I'm going to break The Rules and not tag anybody. If you want to play along, feel free.


jau said...

Thanks, Barbara! I love getting to know you better!!!!

kate5kiwis said...

ah, the magic number *five* huh?
i am extremely jealous of ...since it got so hot Barb, i am CRAVING HOT SUNSHINE down here. in the summer months, i usually do exercise early morning or in the evening when it's more conducive to breaking a sweat without dying.

i've done my Pilates three out of four mornings this week and have played indoor hockey with the kids once, and been ten pin bowling twice. today we're walking around the Art Gallery before zipping home to meet D18!!!!!
yep, he's coming home for THREE WEEKS!!!!!!!
*excitement level goes through the roof*
mwah X

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Well, Kate, I don't know if it gets humid in the Sunny Bay, but it definitely is here, and I don't like that. There are scattered thunderstorms predicted for the next five days at least; I've heard thunder rumbling for the past half hour.

I'd love to send you some hot sunshine!

jau, it was fun! Yours was fun to read also.