Monday, April 28, 2008


Sorry it's been so long since I've posted. For starters, Wildchild tried out her new pink rifle at the range last weekend, and I wanted to post a picture of one of her targets, but it's not enjoyable uploading pics from my camera, and I've been putting it off. Wildchild had a great time, though. The Scientist got to muck out stalls on the same day, so both girls were very happy. I didn't feel the need to post a picture of a stall, however.

Also, I wanted to take a picture of the lovely bracelet I got from Kate as part of the Pay-It-Forward contest, but again, there was that whole pictures thing. I will post a picture of it soon, though, just to show Kate's lovely handiwork. I am almost done with what I am making for Charity; I still have to come up with something for Debbie. I am counting on her to be patient. :) She is so talented and crafty herself in sewing, I'm not sure what to make for her.

I've had all kinds of things I wanted to blog about sloshing through my head during the past week. Hopefully some of them will come back up to the surface, and I will post again soon. I do have one idea for a post that I'll probably put up today.


Sniz said...

Yay! You posted again! I was wondering where you were! Aren't you glad it's spring?

TTYS - Sniz

Barb the Evil Genius said...

I am very glad it is spring. I couldn't have stood much more winter.