Sunday, April 06, 2008

Gorgeous Day

It didn't get as warm as was predicted, but it was sunshine-y and pleasant. We had lunch with friends, then went geocaching to enjoy the weather. We found five caches, well, my husband and the girls did.

I tried knitting again the other day. After watching some videos, I'm doing well with the Continental method of casting on, but after two rows, I went from 20 loops on the needle to 23 loops. Oops. Guess I need more practice.

Plus, I get to enjoy watching an Indians game. So overall, a good day.


Anonymous said...

Hello! Long-time lurker, here. I've enjoyed your blog for awhile now. I'm also a left-handed knitter...learned to crochet first, but I found the way to do that was to have my left hand to all of the work that the right hand was supposed to do. A lot of that holds true for my knitting as well.

If you're ever looking for something fun and quick to knit - without needles - give knifty knitters a try. They're based upon old Jennie looms (from what I've read) - circular looms that involve wrapping the yarn and using a pick-like tool to create the stitches. Lots of fun, and you don't have to count stitches. I'm making hats for cancer patients who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy. Have also introduced the idea to some young girls who are busily making hats and scarfs.

Well, back to lurking!

Sniz said...

Hey Girl!

It was gorgeous in Indy yesterday (Sunday) and got to 65. Today was even more perfect, with the temp hovering between 70 and 73. I am in heaven. I'm starting to believe Spring might finally come!

Good for you to work on knitting. I know with a little practice, you'll be awesome at it. You're already such a good seamstress!

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Thanks for the help and encouragement, Anon, Sniz, Marie, Liz and EC. I'm going to keep trying.

kate5kiwis said...

woot woot
love your title.
we have a cool fresh super-sunny morning here today.
i need to go and get fruit and food.
am procrastinating lol X

Sniz said...

When you talk about Indians game, do you mean the baseball team that plays in downtown Indy?

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Nope, I mean the Cleveland Indians, major league team in the American League Central.