Friday, May 22, 2009

Here I Am

I'm keeping my promise to myself to sit in front of the computer and type something! Today was not the best day from a physical standpoint, but the sun was shining and my family was together and it's the start of a three-day weekend, so that makes it better. We also went to a restaurant for dinner, where we were Rickrolled. :)

Anybody have any exciting plans for the weekend? I think just relaxing is going to be enough for us, although the Equestrienne is going to have back-to-back sleepovers with her friend. I need to hit the sewing room soon. The Dancer has just hit one of those points where she has suddenly outgrown almost everything she wears. Believe it or not (and it's probably not if you've seen my sewing room) I do not have enough of many cuts of fabric to make clothes for myself or my daughters anymore. Fortunately, there is at least one beloved baby in my life, so perhaps I can use up some of the fabric on cute baby clothes. I'll have to try to do it before she gets too big. :)


PW said...

Hope you have a good weekend, and are able to get some sewing done. Kids just grow so fast!!

Karen said...

I'm getting to the point where 1 yard of fabric won't make many articles of clothing for my youngest two any more. Madelyn and I are going to make quilted throw blankets, quilted pot holders, and Christmas ornaments out of most of my stash over the summer. It's time to reclaim material storage areas!

agnusdei1996 said...

I hear you on the stash issue. . .all that fabric and not much works for me anymore! I am trying to use up as much as I can and I hope to KEEP the stash small.
BTW the only way I have found to have regular blog posts is to use the schedule option. I do most of my writing over the weekend now but then schedule things to appear on different days. FWIW :)

Elephantschild said...

We're hanging around the house doing house stuff. Mad Musician is down in the basement now hooking up a secondhand dryer that's been in the garage for over a year. We finally rented an appliance dolly and moved it inside!

Tomorrow afternoon will be garden and yard work, I think. MM has some muffler work to do on the Saab, as well.