Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Game Pieces

Two very popular hosts of a morning radio talk show here in Ohio have been let go. Clear Channel states that it is for economic reasons, but I can't really believe a company which seems to basically own all the radio stations in the country is hurting over and above. They are saving money, however, since the replacement DJ apparently has his show beamed from Los Angeles. The thing that saddened me was when I realized that all the people saying they will no longer listen to 106.5 don't really matter. If they listen to any other radio station instead, it is probably owned by Clear Channel also. What will really hurt Clear Channel is if people just start listening to their ipods or mp3 players or CDs instead of radio, and maybe people are already doing that. But if that's the case, why not keep what makes you different -- the talk show hosts? Without a live host, why listen to a music station that has become, in one commenter's words, a "jukebox" when you can tailor what you want with modern technology?


Susan B. said...

People are getting away from broadcast radio (music radio, that is) because the variety sucks and because the music is programmed by bean counters instead of people who love and care about music. For music, people are listening to their iPods, to Sirius/XM satellite radio (which has a wide selection of formats) and to Music Choice on digital cable (which also has a wide selection). Clear Channel is practically a monopoly, but as long as they remain closed-minded, they will never be able to compete with iPods, satellite radio and cable radio. If Clear Channel goes under, it's their own fault and good riddance, as far as I'm concerned.

Elephantschild said...

ALL of broadcast radio is pretty much one-foot-in-the-grave.

Sirius/XM radio, too.

Already in Asia, wireless network broadband is faster than anything we in the States have even as wired internet - it's only a matter of a very short time 'til everyone has high-capacity streaming audio available in their cars. And then radio will be dead, and stations like Pirate Christian Radio will rule the "airwaves." Yay!

Susan B. said...


I forgot to mention Internet radio! How could I overlook that? (I was pressed for time, I guess.) And it's true that satellite radio will need to somehow compete with Internet radio once streaming radio becomes widespread in cars. If Sirius/XM can't compete, they will go the way of broadcast radio. Or else it will become absorbed into streaming radio.

Barb the Evil Genius said...

So what would you ladies recommend for someone who likes lots of different kinds of rock: 80's, some Christian, some electric, some hard? Also like to listen to the better stuff that is newer.

Elephantschild said...

I spent a morning listening to Valpo's college station (The Source, 95.1 FM) and it was pretty good, but they don't have streaming audio. Booooo!!!

Jack FM out of Chicago is ok, too.

And when we drive thru Wisconsin, we listen to Lake FM:

You know about Pandora, right?

I listen to the local Christian station sometimes because it's the right "feel" of light/alternative/indie rock for some things. I like to play "Which secular group are they ripping off with THIS song?" :)

Susan B. said...


It sounds like you're describing a playlist on my iPod. :-) I would also recommend Pandora. You tell it what songs and bands you like and it picks things based on that. If it plays something you don't like, you can tell it not to play that song/band. I haven't listened with my Pandora station in forever, though.