Saturday, May 23, 2009

Family Time, Me Time

It's relaxingly quiet around here at the moment. Mr. BTEG took our two daughters and the Equestrienne's overnight guest to see A Night at the Museum 2. Current report is that the Dancer found it very humorous. They are bringing home pizza for dinner.

I haven't really been a movie person in a long time. Perhaps I just don't have the patience for a movie. I also hate the way I can get involved in a movie emotionally. I don't want to feel depressed after a sad movie. Movies on television at home are not so bad, but a sad or scary movie can still overly affect me.

I got a little bit of work done in the sewing room today, both actually sewing and putting away and organizing. It felt very nice to accomplish some things. I keep telling myself I need to spend more time in there and then I don't! As school and other activities wind down for the girls perhaps I will actually do this.


Elephantschild said...

Although I have a dickens of a time getting started at it, I find the organizing, sorting and tossing sorts of projects to be the most rewarding and soothing.

Karen said...

I've been having a difficult time getting through all my sewing stuff. It desperately needs organizing, but so much disorganization happened in my big Christmas sewing and the sewing for the kid's business, that I dread getting started. Maybe, after Memorial Day. You're an inspiration!

skatey katie said...

two words:
chick flick X