Thursday, November 06, 2008


Boarding school starting at least the junior high level, with good horseback riding program. Small pets allowed in dormitories a plus.


elephantschild said...

You could send her to the one I attended. Of course, it's now located in Senegal, and she'd be the only Lutheran there.

She'd probably be encouraged to burn her evil secular music during "spiritual emphasis week" like I was.

Still miss that Dire Straits album. Durn it!

Barb the Evil Genius said...

From what I've heard of your boarding school, I don't see them having a good horseback riding program.

If we were to send her someplace with wishy-washy spirituality, we could just send her to the local Lutheran high school.

Wonder if that Dire Straits album would be worth something today?

elephantschild said...

Nah, actually, I told myself I was burning it because it was a PIRATED copy, not 'cus it was actually evil... but I let my classmates think I was burning it for the "right" reasons. Sigh.

The academics were actually VERY good at that school - but yeah, no horseback riding!