Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Crazy Train

I'm thankful that we are not responsible for making the majority of the Thanksgiving dinner this year. We are going to the house of some friends who kindly invited us. The most complicated thing we are bringing is homemade pumpkin pie, and Mr. BTEG is doing most of the work for that, with the girls helping. I don't even like pumpkin pie.

I've been tired lately. Not only am I on the go four afternoons a week and one morning, but Mr. BTEG's car needs some repairs and is temporarily sidelined. So I am driving Mr. BTEG to and from work at least three days a week. It's nice spending the extra time with Mr. BTEG, but I feel like I am spending half my life in the car and the other half shopping for food and doing dishes and laundry so we have meals and clean dishes and clothes for the next day. Yes, I do make the girls help out, but they have their school responsibilities also.

Speaking of spending time in the car, I also value the time I spend with the Equestrienne on the way home from her horseback riding class. She talks about one of her chief interests, horses, and what she's just done that day and what she plans for her riding future. Sometimes she opens up about other things. It's nice to spend time with her.

I spend most of my "together" time with the Dancer during our homeschooling time, and also on the way to and from her dance classes. It may seem too modern or cold to be spending so much time in the car, but I wouldn't change any of what we do. Except maybe for Mr. BTEG to get his car back. :)


Paul McCain said...

A blessed Thanksgiving!

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Thank you, Pastor McCain.

Liz said...

OT Barb... I think that site you pointed me out to is just a conservative search engine. I'll poke around a bit more after the holidays.

kate5kiwis said...

you know -
pumpkin pie is definitely "not my favourite" (that's katie-speak for "yucky") either - or maybe i've never tried a nice one lol.

loving your magic moments with The Equestrienne
mwah X

Barbara Frank said...

Someday, when your children are grown and have moved out, you will especially treasure your memories of those car rides.....been there, done that.