Tuesday, January 29, 2008

We're in Trouble

Mr. EG used the blender to help the girls make some banana milkshakes the other night. Now we're out of ice cream and the girls want to use the blender and are getting restless. I'm hoping they won't decide to play Will It Blend?.

In other news, the girls are getting over the colds they've had, so we're *not* in trouble there, and I'm glad.

Does watching the Charlie and Lola episode, I Wish I Could Draw Exactly More Like You, with some famous paintings, count as art for the day? lol

On the topic of Charlie and Lola, does anyone think there are not enough suitable shows out there for older kids, like preteen age? Even shows like Hannah Montana, and movies like High School Musical, are not necessarily suitable, and seem like they're aimed at kids more like Wildchild, not at kids almost in their teens like the Scientist. Perhaps the Scientist is already supposed to be watching adult-type fare??? It's a good thing she still enjoys watching stuff supposedly for younger kids. I just won't tell her. :)

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Sniz said...

I totally agree with you about the lack of shows for pre-teens. For me, it's the time between Spongebob and Hannah Montana. I mean, I like Hannah Montana, but the show is about dating and liking boys, etc, which is normal for teens. There are lots and lots of shows like that. But what about my 10 year old? She likes those shows, but she doesn't date and doesn't even like boys yet. For our kids, Full House re-runs (I hate that show, but I don't have to watch it) and America's Funniest Home Videos are the normal fare for the kids.

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Hannah Montana might sometimes be about dating and liking boys, and I don't know what the target audience was, but most fans of Hannah seem to be about the age of my almost-nine-year-old, or even younger, like her almost-eight-year-old friend. Just the fact that they've made fashion dolls of Hannah Montana says a lot, as pre-teens don't seem to be into those dolls anymore.

kate5kiwis said...

i'm not big on telly-watching.
so i have no idea about hannah montana.
R14 tells me it's on the disney channel down here, but we don't have SKY (like cable i think) so....

i have got really lax with subsequent children and movies. D18 watched incredibly tame stuff: disney's Peter Pan at age seven etc.
the other kids watch all sorts.
but they are pretty good with fast forwarding the cr*p and i try to watch it with them and then we can talk about it if they wish (or if i wish lol)...
and of late i've been policing the rating, they think it's cool to watch *M* stuff but some of it's rubbish.

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