Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Road Trip

We had things to take care of in Columbus yesterday, so Mr. BTEG, the Dancer and I hit the road. If it hadn't been necessary that we go, we wouldn't have, as none of us are feeling our best. I have been getting better, but walking around downtown Columbus in the cold trying to find the Max and Erma's Restaurant (or Max and Earmuffs, as the Equestrienne used to call it) let me know I'm still not 100%. Well, there's that and the laryngitis. We would have left the Dancer in the care of her big sis if her cough wasn't croupy sounding when she first got sick. She had a bad case of croup as a toddler. Although the hospital of course would never tell us, I have always suspected we came close to losing her then. I really don't think the crash cart was routine. Anyway, she still gets that seal-bark cough on occasion, so we like to keep an eye on her.

We stopped at an Amish restaurant on the way home that we used to favor when we lived in Columbus and made the trip north often. The food was not as good as it used to be, although the broasted chicken was still yummy. There was an Amish restaurant close to where we lived when I was pregnant with both of my girls, and I enjoyed going there for the all-you-can-eat buffet. I got hungry when I was pregnant. Not to mention all the little snacks I needed to calm my stomach down.

Speaking of restaurants, we had much better luck with the Max and Erma's down there than we've been having up here. I wonder if the proximity to corporate has anything to do with it. We stopped at the Wendy's years ago that was right down the street from their corporate, and ordered a Double Stack sandwich for me. The sandwich was a really good deal, but it came with cheese automatically, and we tried about three times to get it without cheese. Finally, Mr. BTEG went up to a few corporate looking guys with clipboards and explained the problem. We got the sandwich right the next time.

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