Monday, February 23, 2009

Planning Clothes

I'm trying to be good and plan ahead and get the Dancer's dress made early for Easter. I also am considering what she will wear for her first communion. She is receiving it on Maundy Thursday, so I don't know that anything too frilly or bright is in order. She does have a nice black skirt with ruffles she has been wearing all winter. Maybe I could get her an especially pretty top and that would work.

The Equestrienne is not as interested in clothes, but she does need a nice dress for her confirmation in May. A white dress (I'm such a traditionalist.) She has an idea in mind of what she wants, so I've been scouring patterns. I wish there were more patterns in junior sizes. I'm not sure we could find what we want in stores. Junior dresses are being slated towards prom wear at this point, from what I can tell. Anyway, the Equestrienne is too young to wear a dress that is also appropriate for a 17-year-old for party wear. Or not appropriate, depending on your ethics and aesthetics, lol. Dresses for milestones in a girl's church life seem to be slanted towards the Catholic First Communion bridal wear type dresses. And I suppose this is not surprising, as I'm sure there is lots of money in these dresses, as there is in bridal wear itself. Fancy dresses are definitely *not* the Equestrienne's style, however.

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