Friday, September 26, 2008

Like I Needed Something Else

I already have places to go three afternoons/early evenings a week. So I went to pick up the Equestrienne from her horseback riding lesson on Wednesday. I found her grooming a pony she hadn't even ridden that day, but who needed grooming desperately. He is shedding his summer coat to make way for his winter one. While I was less than thrilled about waiting for her while she finished, it did garner her an invitation from the stable owner to come and help out at the stable on another day from her horseback riding lesson. So now I'll have places to go four evenings a week. Like I needed that. Of course, the Equestrienne is thrilled to be turning into a stable rat. And the experience in the stable will be good for her. She's not a phenom, but she does seem to be ahead of some of the other riders in her progress. She'll be starting jumping as soon as she gets better about keeping her heels down.

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Sniz said...

Cool! I know many girls who would be jealous (or want her for their best friend!)