Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lacking Words

Life is not exactly dull here, and I'm still keeping an eye on the world at large, but there isn't anything recently that has inspired me to share it. I'll post a few notes just to catch readers up with life in my little world.

Wildchild (who I may rename the Dancer) is disappointed that there are no dance classes in August. She'll be taking ballet, jazz and tap this fall and is looking forward to it. In some ways, she reminds me of the character of Posy, from Ballet Shoes, who "lived for nothing but her dancing classes," and "could only say and understand things with her feet."

The Scientist is going to horse camp for five hours a day all this week, and is enjoying herself except for the snotty girls. She's learning more about horses, which she enjoys; she loves animals. She has also made a new friend already, although who knows if she'll see her again after horse camp. The girl is living with her father right now, but will go back with her mother after the summer, and I don't know if the mother lives near. Obviously there are lots of larger issues with divorce, but I feel frustrated with how hard it is for my girls to maintain friendships with children of divorce; it seems like a good bit of their "free" time is spent away with the other parent. It just occurred to me that if I had been younger when my parents divorced, I could have lived through the same thing, and I would have hated it. As it was, they divorced when I was in college, so I was independent in the view of the state.

We haven't done much Olympics watching around here. Mr. EG is almost anti-Olympics, being interested in very few sports and thinking the Olympics are over-hyped, so it's not on when he's home. I should find a schedule somewhere and find out when the equestrian events are on for the Scientist, except that she's gone five hours a day, and most of the riding seems to be already over.

I've often been rather skeptical of the "God provides everything you need" crowd, not because I don't trust in God's Providence, but because it often seems to be used as a reason to give more to the church than you can afford, and "trust God" to make up the shortfall. However, Mr. EG's car just died, and the problems are not worth putting more money into with this vehicle. We had just gotten a substantial amount of money from the government that we were owed, so we were able to afford a "new" car without taking out a loan, which does seem rather Providential.

So, I guess I found some words after all. Perhaps I just need the discipline to force myself to post more often!


jau said...

Oh, I ADORED "Ballet Shoes" (and "Theatre Shoes")!! I'm so glad your daughter likes that book. I hope she enjoys her classes!!!

Sniz said...

I love the quote from Ballet Shoes about feeling and understanding things with her feet. That's wonderful about the car!

Be well - Sniz

kate5kiwis said...

barb, loving your updates, how fabulous is that about the car?
mwah X

Marie N. said...

Encourage her to keep at the dancing! It is a lifelong love :-)

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Jau, I liked those books too. The Dancer really identified with Posy when I read "Ballet Shoes" aloud to them.

Sniz and Kate, yes, I was really grateful!

Marie, she doesn't need encouragement! ;) I think if she could have a dance lesson every day and not study boring stuff like math and science, she'd be perfectly happy.