Saturday, October 22, 2011


Well, my netbook is still being worked on. I'm going to have to sneak on to Mr. BTEG's computer more often and post. I have to admit that I love the giant monitor and full-sized keyboard. I just wasn't set up with all my own things on this computer before.

I've been pretty down lately, and I'm trying to climb back out. I would love to have a local friend, someone with whom I could talk just about every day, besides Mr. BTEG. No matter how often I "reset" my attitude, it's easy to fall back into negative thinking when the only ones I have to talk to are the voices in my head (grin.) This month has been incredibly busy, with marching band season in full swing, but I haven't developed any friendships or even good acquaintance-ships with other parents. Sometimes it seems like the luck of the draw. The moms whose daughters are in the dance class the next step up from the Dancer's, for example, all sit around and talk while their daughters are in class. With the girls in my daughter's classes, most of the moms aren't even around; they drop their daughters off at the beginning of class and arrive just in time to pick them up at the end.

I *am* enjoying fall; it's my favorite season. I've been doing a little bit of "nesting," wanting to get our place organized better for the holidays and birthdays that are approaching. A less cluttered environment would probably be a big mood booster.


Karen said...

Does your library have a book club? Our local library offers a monthly book club for adults. Everyone reads the same book, then gets together to discuss. If I can scrape up enough courage, I plan to try it this winter.

I'm so glad that you've been able to get out and enjoy the fall! The fall colors are so beautiful and the temperatures are much nicer than the heat of summer and cold of winter. We had two weeks of rain during the peak color time in our area. Everything is brown now. At least the sun is shinning again!

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Karen, the book club is a good idea, if I liked the book. Our local library unfortunately seems to offer no information online at all about activities there. I did try a knitting group there once this summer. With at least three nights a week taken up by activities, it's more difficult now to do weeknight things.

I may try a bipolar support group, once high school football on Friday nights is over. I love high school football!