Friday, June 10, 2011

Looking Around

I hope this doesn't turn into the Saga of the Air Conditioner, but there was a mix-up and we didn't have a repair guy come out today after all. Now we're looking at Wednesday, sooner if someone else cancels. Fortunately, the weather will not be too stifling in the meantime. Sadly, I wasn't feeling too well today, so I won't be posting anything very exciting until at least tomorrow. :) I hate not feeling well so often. It makes it worse when I compare myself to other people, because of course I look at the people who seem to accomplish everything and never have any problems. Then there are certain forums that I visit and I am reminded that everyone's life is not perfectly smooth all of the time. It's a constant go-round!

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Karen said...

When I hear from people or read comments from people who always seem to accomplish huge amounts of work, I remind myself that everyone has problems. Some people choose to only discuss the good things in their lives, while other people are comfortable sharing good and bad things that happen. Neither one is better than the other.

Sometimes, I need to hear how people overcome challenges. It helps me with ideas for my own situations.

I admire people who focus on the good things in their lives. My mom is that type of person. For the most part, she is content and happy.

Sorry that you are struggling again. I wish you were closer.