Monday, May 09, 2011

A Little Piece of Land

I've been feeling kind of cruddy in the mornings lately (don't go there!) but yesterday Mr. BTEG and I did go to the garden center at a local big box hardware store. We're living in a condo at the moment, so a big garden is not feasible, but we are doing a little container gardening. We were successful with tomatoes and green peppers a couple of years ago. This year, we're trying tomatoes, green peppers, strawberries and oregano. We also discovered mint and some kind of onion in the bed at the back of our place.

The front of our home has enough shade that I am going to try some lilies of the valley. I've only tried them once before and they didn't really take; I'm hoping I'll do better this time. I love the smell of lilies of the valley.

We moved into this place last November. It is amazing how much more at home I feel getting a few plants growing and prettying up our entryway outside. We may never have an enormous garden, although goodness knows it would be economical, but it is nice to have a little bit of the outdoors as our own.


Kitten said...

It is amazing how much more homelike a place is with plants you chose. Since I'm a rotten gardener my rule for plant choice was "stuff that's expensive in the store but easy to grow".

Barb the Evil Genius said...

We'll see how well these strawberries grow. They get pretty expensive here.

Kitten said...

They're supposed to grow easily as long as there's enough water so I'm sure you'll do well. My in-laws, who are wonderful gardners, put in a couple starts several years ago and say the trick now is to keep them from taking over the rest of the garden.