Thursday, February 24, 2011

Late Night Weirdness

I had the problem today of my mind racing and not really being able to concentrate on much of anything. I'm starting to wonder how many times I've had this issue and not pinned down what was going on. I used to be on ADD medication, until I was hospitalized and diagnosed as bipolar. Now I'm not sure what to do. I could mention it to my doctor and play a round of medication roulette. Or not.

Speaking of bipolar, I'm also beginning to wonder how much more fun I could be having if I cashed in on it. People have been talking on the interwebs today about how Charlie Sheen might have bipolar or another mental illness. Or maybe he's just addicted to crack. Hey, don't mind my drunken binge! I'm bipolar!

And lastly, what kind of doctor gives a bipolar woman an abnormal boob job? What's next, cutting off limbs for those people who are obsessed with getting rid of them? Oh, and by the way? I feel so ugly without a diamond tiara. I'll be a better role model for my daughters once I get one.

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