Friday, October 01, 2010

Now We See the Violence Inherent in the System

Did you think over-aggressive Muslims were the only ones that wanted to blow you up? Well, think that no more, because now devotees to AGW, or climate change, or "Hey look, there's a cloud in the sky," now wish to explode you as well. At least, however, they've given you a head start by letting you know that if you don't reduce your "carbon emissions" by 10%, you're going to get blown up and leave nasty spatter everywhere. And it'll be funny. Or something.

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Susan B. said...

I saw the first part of the video on Red Eye -- the part where the teacher blows up children who won't conform to the AGW hysteria. That was enough for me. The video apparently backfired on the 10:10 group in a big way. I'm sure they are surprised to find that most people value human life more than they do.

No wonder so many leftists defend Muslims and find common cause with them. (Even Osama bin Laden is spreading AGW hysteria.) They dream of murdering those who won't conform.