Thursday, October 15, 2009


The girls are really getting settled into their new schools. Not only in regards to making friends, but also as far as their studies. They're rather like me in regards to their schoolwork; there are some classes they are breezing through and others that they have difficulty with. I'm not sure about Mr. Evil Genius' career as a student except that he will not do his best for you if you bore him. Perhaps he will chime in here. :) The Dancer made an interesting comment. Basically, she does her best school work at school because it feels like school. Despite the fact that she had been homeschooled for five years, apparently she still felt like an institutional school setting was "real" school. Or something like that. All the kids she knew at church were homeschooled, but she saw the kids in our neighborhood(s) far more often, and they all attended some sort of formal school. Perhaps that influenced her thinking.

The girls are also quickly becoming bonded to our new locale. School probably has a lot to do with it, but I am amazed at how quickly they have come to feel this is home. The Equestrienne likes going to high school football games, and although most of that is likely related to opportunities to socialize, she does seem to be turning into a loyal backer of her future high school. The Dancer likes to spot all the signs in people's front yards that indicate that a local sports player lives there. She also wants a shirt featuring the school colors, like most of the kids at her school have.

I also am settling well into our new home. A bigger kitchen makes it much easier to do real cooking as opposed to just throwing something frozen into the oven. Not being crowded in makes it much easier to mop and vacuum. Our much bigger laundry room makes it easier to sort laundry piles. We really did try to take care of our previous abode, not wanting to perpetuate the negative stereotype of renters, but it did become very difficult due to lack of space. Of course, my husband will tell you I can feel guilty about just about anything, but I do wonder if I could have tried harder at our old place. But it's in the past, where it should stay. :)

ETA: In fairness to myself, I should also note that halfway through our time at our old place is when I was hospitalized because my bipolar got out of control. This didn't help anything!


Karen said...

Your post was a breath of hope for me! It's so good to hear that previously homeschooled children can adapt and fit in to the public school setting. Most of my children are looking forward to our new home, but a couple are staunchly against the move. I think it's mostly due to fear of not having friends.

Probably the kids will attend public school next year. You've provided me with inspiration that it could be a positive thing for our kids at least in the short term. Thanks!

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Karen, I think your kids will be fine. I moved to a new school when I was young, so I know it can be scary. But your kids are involved in extra-curricular activities and have some interests that fit in to popular culture, so they should have some things in common with their new classmates that enable them to make friends. Let me say that I don't believe in exposing kids to everything just because it's part of current culture, but I don't believe in complete isolation either. You might want to teach them how to use a combination lock in case their new school has lockers. ;)

Elephantschild said...

Oh, being in a too-small place can really make things hard. I'm glad you're finding more breathing room in the new place!

skatey katie said...

interested at the "feels like school" chat.
it's fascinating going back into school as a teacher. have just got off the back of a very intense 3-day spurt. knocked to the ground again over the "if it moves, assess it" vibe.
i think i need to deal with it.
or move back/on....
love love X