Wednesday, April 08, 2009

After a Long Day of Shopping

what better way to relax than to soak your feet and read a book?

The Dancer has wanted a certain girl's pedicure set for ages. We found it today for about $5 less than we normally see it, and she grabbed it. Then of course she had to try it out as soon as we got home.

Being the little house-keeping goddess that she is, she also hand-washed the new first communion/Easter dress that we found today. The Equestrienne, amazingly enough, also found a dress she liked, and a little bolero sweater for the cooler spring weather. So we are set for the next few special days, except for me. :( Perhaps I shall dig through my stash and see if I can fashion something.

Which brings up another point, which is why I did not do any sewing for the holiday. Well, I had been dragging a little bit here waiting for spring. I did not want to put any anxious pressure on myself by trying to get a dress done in time for tomorrow, or Easter. Now that spring is really coming, I am becoming a lot more active and feeling better emotionally. I am praying this will mean more creations coming from the sewing room!


Communion Dress Mom said...

Amazing that she would handwash her own dresses. Great job!

Karen said...

I did no sewing for Easter this year, so don't feel too bad. My girls are breaking the new Easter dress tradition and wearing either last year's dress or a hand-me-down dress from family or friends. It really bothered me, but the kids are happy with their Easter clothes. So I guess that I now have one less holiday stress. How did her pedicure turn out?

Barb the Evil Genius said...

She gave herself French tips on her toenails! Her beautician aunt loved them.