Monday, December 08, 2008

Time and Money

There are some people with more money than time; there are some people with more time than money. Most people, I think are in the middle. Sometimes it's easier to save time and spend money; sometimes it's more practical to save money and spend time. Christmas is one of those occasions when there may not be as much money to spend as you want, and so you may have to contribute some time as well.

All this to lead up to one of the projects I am currently working on, which is some cloth blocks as a Christmas gift for a baby boy. Since I have been blessed with a fabric stash, an embroidery machine, and the ability to sew, it helps stretch the Christmas funds to make these blocks. You don't even need a pattern. They will be different blue prints and solids, with an alphabet letter on each.

Of course, one can buy cloth blocks, but then that's just that bit more money added to the Christmas budget. I did find blocks as cheaply as $9.99, but there's only 4 blocks in this set. I also found a 9-block set which I think is outrageously priced at $36.00, even if the blocks are different shapes. Any sewer with decent skills could put this set together. Actually, I think it's amazing what quality toys sell for. I suppose that is where the money over time comes in. If Dad and Mom are both working, perhaps they can afford the pricey kids' toys. Perhaps there are well-off grandparents. But I don't know how some of these places can sell enough of the ultra-expensive toys to stay open. I'm glad quality toys exist, though, even if they exist beyond our budget most of the time.

I'm also knitting a small purse for myself, out of slate blue cotton yarn. Another place where I can save big money. I have the fabric to make myself larger quilted winter and summer purses, but I got bogged down halfway through and haven't finished. I've just recently got started on the winter purse again, which will be fitted in between sewing projects which need to be done before Christmas.


kate5kiwis said...

i need some of your sewing mojo down here - and - FAST!
i am procrastinating my last apron of 2008!!!!!
mwah X

Liz said...

I need some of your time. I have a cute dress and apron and a bunting all for Mallory cut... just no time to sew!

Barb the Evil Genius said...

(closes eyes and wiggles fingers in direction of New Zealand)

Liz, when you have a baby you have neither time nor money, lol.

Karen said...

I made some of these when my oldest daughter was little. They lasted through most of my kids. I should make a batch for my nephew for Christmas. Thanks for jolting my memory!

Sniz said...

You and your sewing skills are an inspiration. I am usually in the more time than money category and I have always made as many gifts as possible. Women are so much easier to make gifts for, though. But a throw would be a good gift for a man. I've never thought of that. Hmm....good luck on your purse and quilt, Barb!